I am staking on Oasis with Jake Hartnell. But how much will we make?

I wrote a Python script, which is run by a bash script in a do-while loop, to scrape data Coinmarketcap & from oasis-scan. Both have undocumented APIs.

Our current balance is the number of the tokens I currently hold multiplied by the short-window exponential weighted moving average (EWM) of spot prices from Coinmarketcap (currently $0.036).

For our projected profit, I take start on the last known date on which the earnings rate changed. I average that day’s profit with the following day’s (as epochs may not align perfectly with dates).

Then, I estimate our daily change in profit from the annualized inflation rate. I check this against an empirical (observed) value, and use this empirical value to compoute or compound interest (in $ROSE) an arbitrary number of days into the future.

Finally, I produce a USD estimate from this $ROSE-denominated projection using the most recent long-window EWM $0.038). We compute these projections for the current and next financial year.