Making a full-spectrum cannabis extract from RSO

I like to take cannabis orally, in part becuase I have an incredibly low tolerance. Cannabis tinctures give the most precise dosing, and are cost-effective relative to edibles. (You can make your own edibles from them!).

But, cannabis tinctures are still expensive—about 5mg of THC per dollar. Also, they tend to assume that the user has a high tolerance; it can be very tough to dose 1mg or 2mg at a time. Meanwhile, these tinctures are very frequently isolates of THC and/or CBD, removing lots of natural cannabanoids (THCa, CBDa, CBG, and CBN, etc).

I used Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to make my own tincture. (Sometimes called a "full-spectrum extract). For $30, I got a 1ml tube containing 636mg of THC. (There are plenty of options for RSO - you can shop around).

Intending to create a tincture where 1ml of liquid contains 10ml of THC, I measured out 62.6ml of olive oil. Adding the 1ml of RSO, that produces 63.6ml of oil.

The oil works best sublingually.

Each dollar buys you about 21.2mg of THC, not to mention the other cannabanoids.

Date: 2020-11-30 Mon 00:00

Author: ffff

Created: 2020-12-04 Fri 15:52